About Us

President’s Message

For over 100 years the Murillo Fair has brought our community together.  The annual fair has seen many changes over the years, but its core purpose of showcasing and promoting our agricultural importance in the region as well as holding true to our strong country roots has never changed.  This year, the 126th Murillo Fair begins a new tradition. Along with more family entertainment options, delicious food, and displays inside and outside the show ring, this year we add Countryfest to open the fair.  This one night country music concert will draw thousands to the grounds to showcase all that our community has to offer, and at the same time expose thousands more to the fair – many for the first time.  Through the hard work of our board of directors and countless volunteers, we’re excited to welcome you to the 126th Murillo Fair and we thank the hundreds of people that ensure our community driven, safe, clean and fun fair continues long into the future.

Vision Statement

The Oliver Agricultural Society is firmly committed to protecting the viability of the agricultural industry and promoting country lifestyle and traditions.  We will work towards fostering an appreciation of livestock and crop farming, through educating and entertaining both the rural and urban community in the Thunder Bay district.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Oliver Agricultural Society is to promote agriculture as environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable in rural Northwestern Ontario.
The following values will guide us towards achieving our Mission:

  • Ensuring that agricultural exhibitions and other events are socially beneficial by raising awareness of the significance of agriculture and helping the community to enjoy the benefits of traditional country life;
  • Supporting the economic viability of the regional agricultural industry through promoting local procurement of agricultural goods and services, and supporting local farm, and rural initiatives;
  • Enriching the rural community by maintaining the Murillo Fairground infrastructure, and working towards continual improvement to the facilities;
  • Fostering cooperation among all local agricultural organizations and clubs and reaping the mutual benefits of working together as partners;
  • Acting as responsible stewards of the Murillo Fairgrounds and protecting the integrity of the Oliver Agricultural Society by undertaking the organization’s planning and management activities in a professional and transparent manner.